Credit Cards

Pima Federal VISA® Credit Cards

Pima Federal provides two different credit card options to our members: Both Platinum and Signature Rewards offer members the same great service, however there are a few differences.

To find out which card is the right fit for you, visit a Pima Federal financial center or give us a call at 520-887-5010.

  • 2.99% APR* 
  • For 6 months purchases
  • First 15 months on balance consolidations (transfers)

As an additional level of on-line purchase protection, you may enroll in Verified by Visa for your Visa Credit Card. This will help prevent unauthorized purchases before they happen. You can shop on-line with added security and peace of mind. Simply take your Visa Credit Card you already use and add a password to confirm your identity. All inquiries regarding "Verified by Visa" should be directed to 1-800-857-3118 for assistance. Here are our locations.


For more information, please contact us directly at 520-887-5010.

Solicitation Disclosure (PDF)

*APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Introductory APR; Variable rate adjusts with the market based on prime rate and can adjust quarterly.

Standard rate (as low as 9.24% APR Platinum) based on credit worthiness; cash advances subject to standard rate.

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