Who We Are

In 1951, sixteen teachers pooled together $84 in deposits and founded our credit union with the common purpose of helping people.  To this day, our common purpose still exists.  We’re here for our members, and we thrive by delivering on our value promise of Smart. Simple. Personal.  


We are the smart choice for a few reasons.  We offer competitive loan and deposit rates, while keeping fees as low as possible.  We also provide our members with local service, yet nationwide access.  Lastly, we only offer financial solutions that are relevant to each member’s situation.  We do not sell products or services just to meet our goals; rather, we evaluate each member’s financial situation and offer solutions that help members achieve their financial hopes and dreams.  


We understand that we live in a fast-paced world and not everything can be simple.  However, banking should be and we are dedicated to simplifying everything we do.  From how our members apply for a loan to the options on our phone menu to the website experience we provide to our members, we work diligently to provide our members with banking options that are easy to understand and use.


It is our goal to make every interaction you have with us a pleasant experience that’s focused on you. Whether it’s greeting you at the door or sending you flowers for that special occasion or simply providing you with water while you’re in the lobby, we are committed to delighting our members with a memorable experience.

As a financial cooperative, we thrive by offering great value to our members, and we believe our value promise – Smart. Simple. Personal. – will benefit you and your family.  

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