Who We Are

We're a credit union. Simply put, we're a group of people passionate about furthering the credit union philosophy of people helping people. Every employee is committed to our mission of serving our members, improving our communities, and protecting our member-owned assets. And while we understand we are not where we want to be, we are committed to getting better every single day.

At our core, we're a company driven by our values (service excellence, teamwork, integrity, engagement, and community involvement) rather than the bottom line. Isn't that refreshing? While we know that a lot of companies say that, we sincerely believe the bottom line will take care of itself when we focus on our mission and values.

Pretty simple...wouldn't you agree?

But you clicked this link for a reason and we're tickled you want to learn more about us. Here are some links that will take you where you want to go.

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Learn about how Dick Evans started the credit union with $84 in total assets.


You're interested in joining our team? We knew you had good tastes.


Our community support isn't a hobby for us...it's one of our core values. Want to learn more?


If you love discounts to some of your favorite places, this is the section for you!



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